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Venera 4 - Eidôlon (LP)

by Venera 4


Considering their music as a total work, faithful to the precept "DIY" inherited from the post-punk scene, Venera 4 was already noted by a first Ep, "Deaf Hearts", which laid the foundations of a music both spatial and intimate, where the vocal sensuality rubbed the bestiality of the electric guitars.

Eidôlon is a dense and introspective album that finds over the tapping. It includes the icy elegance of Broadcast, melodies worthy of the best of Ride, and a white wall of noise that would not deny Jesus & Mary Chain.

Abrasive, violent, delicate and sexual, Eidôlon is the image of the creation of his time : a protean art form.

Ship around february 23th

Limited edition white vinyl (500 copies) including download code.